Innovating with AI, One Week at a Time

Weekly Startup is where I build and launch a new AI project every week. It’s a personal startup studio where we create, test, and build business ideas that use AI. Every week, we create something new and publish it publicly for real market feedback.

Why this weekly approach?
We do this every week because AI is changing fast. We’re crafting our own special tools that make it easier to build and launch AI projects. It’s not just about making something new each week; it’s about developing the tools to make these projects better and easier to create.

Building the Future of Business Innovation
In a world where AI is going to be everywhere, the rules of business creation are being rewritten. We want to make it simpler for people to incorporate AI tools into their business. In this weekly act of creation, we’re discovering a new blueprint for innovation.

Want to join me for a sprint?
I’m collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs. Want to join me? If you have an idea, we can work on it together. We’ll use our special tools and methods to create something cool. Let’s talk and see what we can make.

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